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When is it time to replace a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor?

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All low speed, high torque hydraulic motors have the same types of drive components, whether they are made by Parker, White, Danfoss, Prince, CharLynn or others. The motors use either a roller or rotor type drive. The roller or rotor drive shaft is in constant contact with the hardened steel rollers or cam lobes. Metal on metal causes wear.

It is time to replace the motor if you can turn the shaft by hand. If the motor is leaking around the shaft seal or you hear bearing noise, installing a seal kit and replacing the bearings will probably solve the problem as long as you cannot turn the shaft by hand.

Customers often contact us, stating that the new motor is slower than the old motor. It probably is. The new motor has tighter tolerances and is not worn. The new motor will will turn slower and have more torque than the motor it replaced. Motors will wear in after use.

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