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Hydraulic Diverter Selector Valve

Posted by B. Miller on

Fremont Industrial Supply is now stocking hydraulic solenoid operated diverter/selector valves. This new valve allows for the addition of a secondary function to the original hydraulic system on a skid steer, tractor or other equipment easily without adding a lot of additional plumbing or electrical components.  This is a 4 way 2 position, 6 port valve available in two sizes, either 13 GPM or 18 GPM.  The valve will work with either 12 volt or 24 volt electrical systems.

The supply (pressure) and return (tank) ports can be connected to the auxiliary ports on the piece of equipment or can be teed into the main supply and tank ports. Work ports are then connected to the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.  A single SPST electrical switch is needed to control the solenoid coil. Three valves can be manifolded together to control as many as 6 different functions.

This is a very simple solution for adding a thumb or auger circuit to your equipment.  An electrical and hydraulic plumbing schematic is provided with the shipment. We have them in stock and they ship via USPS Priority mail for delivery in 2-3 days.

Bobcat Replacement Cylinders

We have added several Bobcat replacement cylinders to the website. These cylinders are made in the USA and exceed the OEM cylinders in quality. The cylinders have cast iron rod glands and pistons instead of the aluminum rod glands and pistons used by the OEM. They also use high performance seals that are rated for [...]

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Inline hydraulic pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves are in stock!

We recently added these new products to our website. We are stocking the inline, pilot operated relief valves and pressure reducing valves. The relief valves are stocked in 3/4" & 1-1/4" NPT. The pressure reducing valve is available in 3/4" NPT. The pressure adjustment range for both types of valves is 1000-3000 PSI.These valves are [...]

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D03 & D05 modular hydraulic controls valves are now in stock!

We have added D03 & D05 hydraulic modular control valves to the website. We are stocking flow control valves, pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, counterbalance valves and dual pilot operated check valves for both the D03 & D05 hydraulic valve platforms.These valves mount between the directional control valve and the sub plate or manifold. [...]

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When is it time to replace a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor?

All low speed, high torque hydraulic motors have the same types of drive components, whether they are made by Parker, White, Danfoss, Prince, CharLynn or others. The motors use either a roller or rotor type drive. The roller or rotor drive shaft is in constant contact with the hardened steel rollers or cam lobes. Metal [...]

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Replacement Router Bit Bearings IN STOCK!

We have recently added replacement router bit bearings in stock. They will most major manufacturer's router bits. These bearings are high quality, C3 electric motor grade bearings suitable for high speeds with low friction. Depending on the bearing, they are available with rubber clad metal shields or plain metal shields. As with all of our [...]

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Enerpac replacement seal kits now in stock

We have added replacement seal kits for Enerpac RC series hydraulic rams from 5 ton to 50 ton. Enter the seal kit part number of the ram model number in the search box on the home page. These items are in stock and will ship within 24 hours. We will upgrade the shipping to priority [...]

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Lift truck mast guide bearings

Fremont Industrial Supply has mast guide bearings in stock for immediate shipment. We inventory replacement bearings for most of the major manufacturers of lift trucks (fork lifts). The easiest way to locate your part number on our website is to enter either the bearing number or the OEM part number in the search box, at [...]

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Power tool replacement bearings and drive belts

Fremont Industrial Supply stocks replacement bearings and drive belts for most applications and manufacturers of power tools. We have bearings and drive belts for Delta, Black & Decker, Sears Craftsman, Makita, Ryobi, Wilton, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Husqvarna, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi and others. There are two ways to find your part on our website, click on [...]

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Spring will be here soon!

In some parts of the country, people are still using snow removal equipment and praying that spring will be here soon. Whether your lawn is still white or starting to turn green, it is still a good time to get the lawn mower and garden tiller ready for the season. At Fremont Industrial Supply, we [...]

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