Part Search

There are two simple ways to search for items on our website:

If you are searching for a specific part number, enter that part number in the search box on the home page. You will be directed to the best match for that part number. Many of the parts on our website have additional listings with quantity discounts, such as bearings, shaft collars and hydraulic quick connects. Scroll down to the "Related Products" heading near the bottom of the page. If there are additional listings for that item with quantity discounts, they will appear in the related products.

If you are doing a generic word or description search, it is best to use the product category listing at the top of the home page. For example, 3 way hydraulic ball valve. Click on the category for hydraulic ball valves, then click on the sub category for 3 way ball valves. A list of all of the 3 way ball valves will be displayed. Select the port size for the valve you are looking for. Listings for additional listings for that item will appear in the "Related Products" near the bottom of the page.

If you cannot find the specific item that you are searching for, send us an email to We will respond quickly, with a link to that item if it is available.


Thank you