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D03 & D05 modular hydraulic controls valves are now in stock!

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We have added D03 & D05 hydraulic modular control valves to the website. We are stocking flow control valves, pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, counterbalance valves and dual pilot operated check valves for both the D03 & D05 hydraulic valve platforms.

These valves mount between the directional control valve and the sub plate or manifold. They reduce the number of additional hoses and fittings, thus reducing the overall cost. Modular valves also reduce potential leak points, pressure loss and increase the efficiency of the hydraulic system while reducing operating energy costs.

Multiple function valves can be mounted under the directional control valve to provide precise system function and control for that circuit in the system.

The hydraulic modular control valves can be found under the hydraulic valve heading at the top of the home page.

Contact us if you have questions regarding these valves