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Hydraulic Diverter Selector Valve

Hydraulic Diverter Selector Valve

Posted by B. Miller on 12th Oct 2018

Fremont Industrial Supply is now stocking hydraulic solenoid operated diverter/selector valves. This new valve allows for the addition of a secondary function to the original hydraulic system on a skid steer, tractor or other equipment easily without adding a lot of additional plumbing or electrical components.  This is a 4 way 2 position, 6 port valve available in two sizes, either 13 GPM or 18 GPM.  The valve will work with either 12 volt or 24 volt electrical systems.

The supply (pressure) and return (tank) ports can be connected to the auxiliary ports on the piece of equipment or can be teed into the main supply and tank ports. Work ports are then connected to the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.  A single SPST electrical switch is needed to control the solenoid coil. Three valves can be manifolded together to control as many as 6 different functions.

This is a very simple solution for adding a thumb or auger circuit to your equipment.  An electrical and hydraulic plumbing schematic is provided with the shipment. We have them in stock and they ship via USPS Priority mail for delivery in 2-3 days.